Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oregon the Green

This past weekend I took a road trip with my friend Trost to visit our mutual friend DB in her dorms at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Twelve hours of driving through half empty voids and half beautiful forest on Friday was totally worth it to spend time with one of my best friends; the trip had been long-awaited. I managed to check off two of my 20 things (independent road trip & riding the bus) while also participating in things I didn't expect to do, but are fun and list-worthy as well, like visiting the hot springs, seeing a film in a quaint, indie church-turned movie theater, buying a lottery ticket, etc.

Eugene itself was a cute place, and its surroundings reminded me of those gorgeous landscapes out of Twilight, or the scene in Harry Potter when he first flies a hippogriff and they glide over that beautiful, calm lake. I thoroughly enjoyed the portion of the driving that took us through the dense mountains on windy curves with small rivers showing up here and there to surprise us. Going to the natural hot springs an hour away was fun in this way, too, especially when we piled 8 people into a 5-person jeep trying to find them on the wrong side of the road where the other cars weren't fit to drive. Ok that bit has nothing to do with nature, but it was still just as interesting as the steamy springs themselves, the river beside us, and the nude men across the way shouting "We peed in the lake!" Oregon is green for its trees, but also green for its hippies and I'm sure everybody knows how liberal that state is. I was really tempted to buy some awesome merchandise at the Saturday Market, but everything was too much money. They had some cool stuff, though.

DB gave us an expert tour of the campus that was sort of like walking through a candy store ... where the candy is trees ... According to wikipedia there are over 500 varieties of trees on campus! But enough talk about plants, the school had other nice qualities, like their yummy dorm food (huge breakfast buffet!) and totally cool PEOPLE that were so friendly. We had fun just hanging out at night playing guitar hero while eating pop tarts, or watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the guys' room. Although I will say, dorm beds aren't nearly as comfy as couches when you all have to awkwardly position your body to face the tv and SOME part of you ends up uncomfortable, no matter how many ways you try to sit.

Time spent at our destination was great, but getting there was half the battle, and there are some things I could mention on that front. For one thing, I find it completely unnecessary to have people fill up your gas tank for you - in OR it's actually illegal to do it yourself. Trost asked our new friends if they even knew how to, and I believe Morgan's response was something along the lines of "I've done it once or twice." Also, they need to change the speed limit from 55 to 75, because it's simply ridiculous to come home and say that you sped 25/30 mph over the limit through the majority of the state. You can easily go 80 and not worry one bit about getting caught, because in the middle of all that NOTHINGNESS, a cop would have to travel hundreds of miles from the nearest town to sit and wait for people to pass by occasionally. It just doesn't, and isn't going to happen.

And after single handedly driving the whole 12 hours on the way back, I am thankful for free things: Music, Monster, and my driving companion. If not for them, I wouldn't have ever been able to drive that long without falling asleep, and I enjoyed a few very lengthy high school-reminiscing conversations with Trost. And thank the Lord for an Ipod battery that has the endurance of the Energizer bunny: we listened to everything from Queen to Death Cab for Cutie, Taylor Swift, Breaking Benjamin, Fall Out Boy, Billy Joel, Rick Astley, and to top the night off, a marathon of Disney songs. Trost and I made quite the ballad team, singing along to duets from Aladdin, the Lion King, and all the random ones in between (Let's get down to business ... to defeat ... the huns!)

All in all I couldn't say I had a bad experience that entire weekend and I know we all had a fun time. Right, DB? Now time for some evidence of the trip that was Memorial Day Weekend of 2010.

(Note: the first picture is cool because of the mirror)



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Sir Travis said...

Sounds like fun. It's prolly 55 so you can take in the landscape :p. Enjoy nature, that sort of thing.