List of Lists

Bucket List

Go to a Corn Maze (accomplished Oct. 2009)
Ride a Hot Air Balloon
Learn to Drive Stick
Visit New York (Dec. 2009)
Visit Italy
Attend 15 concerts I enjoy
Fly a Plane Solo
Pick up a Hitchiker
Obtain Motorcycle License and become a Badass who rides motorcycles
Fall in Love/Marry my prince charming
Raise a Family
Make a Difference in a Stranger's Life
Learn to Play the Drums
Pet a Tiger (Aug. 2010)
Commit a Reckless act of Vandalism
Learn the entire Thriller Dance
Eat an Oyster
Learn and Memorize How to Tie a Tie
Visit Seattle
Visit all 50 states

Ride a Jet Ski
Try Archery
Get a Stranger to Send Me a Cheesecake in the Mail
Bungee Jump
Have a Dinner Party

Must See Movies

A Christmas Carol
The Shining
Remember the Titans
X     Sixteen Candles 
     Forrest Gump
Gone With the Wind
Independence Day
Die Hard
Pearl Harbor
The Big Lebowski
Sleepy Hollow
    X      Top Gun
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sleepless in Seattle
X   10 Things I Hate About You
A Clockwork Orange
Saving Private Ryan
Love Story
The Matrix
Silence of the Lambs
Pretty Woman
American Pie
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

20 Things to Do Before I Turn 20

Get motorcycle license   X
Go on a road trip sans-parents   X
Eat oysters
Ride the Catapult at Lagoon   X
Read a piece of educated literature   X
Attempt to donate plasma again   X 
Try snowboarding   X
Ride the bus   X 
Bake a cake from scratch   X
Ice skate with a boy I like   X
Attend 8 concerts   X
Watch a documentary   X
Go clubbing
Keep driving record clean   X
Take a vow of silence for a day
Move out!
Attend adoration
Tie dye something   X
Go to the lady's gym   X
Keep up with my blog (at least once a week)   X

(My Most Important Life Lessons)

List of Lists That Only Contain Three Things

Primary colors
Medals given out at the Olympics
Angle classifications of a triangle
Side length classifications of a triangle
Number of wise men
Degrees of burns
Colors at a stoplight
Men and women (each) in the group of Friends
Components of Proactiv’s main kit
Names for places to pierce your ear
Numbers in an area code
Ways to add up to 7 on the opposite 
  sides of a die
Jonas brothers
Difficulty levels on spider solitaire and minesweeper
  (and a whole bunch of other games)
Parts of the Trinity
Participants in a threesome
Flavors in Neopolitan ice cream
There words: their, they’re, there
Countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement
Stars that make up Orion’s belt

My Favorite Baby Names

Boys:       Noah         Joshua
Ethan           Luke
Spencer     Carson
Max           Patrick

Girls:       Charlotte (Charlie) 
Devon          Avery
Sophia         Grace
Chloe             Mya