Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly Update on Independence Day

I still cannot seem to put thoughts occurring in my head about life into some coherent structural form of written language. Small ideas keep popping up, things that are fun and interesting to converse about, like the difference between happiness based on living in the moment, and happiness based on creating memories you will be able to look back on, like a collection of trophies. But for some reason I don't want to write about these things anymore!

This time last year I was celebrating some sort of holiday in the month of July with fireworks and friends. Today I did the same thing - Independence Day! - but with friends I didn't even know last year, specifically one very special person I can't imagine life without right now. It's strange how much things can change in a year, how fast a year will go by, and how fast 5 weeks will go by and seem like they never happened. 

But let's not go the personal route of my life as a growing young adult learning about relationships and what-not. Instead, here's a brief list that sums up my day:

Things I Learned on the Fourth of July, 2011

- Clearfield does a good firework show
- There is a reason some flip flops only cost $2
- 4th of July weather isn't always hot and sunny and pleasant like you expect
- Rumbi Island Grill has really good chicken bowls
- Sometimes an afternoon spent doing nothing with a person you really like can be a really great afternoon
- Chinese Oreos have flavored frosting (mango orange!) and could give American Oreos a run for their money

That is all for now. I'm doing my best here, blog, and future Shannon (I know you will re-read this again sometime). The words may be scarce, but can I get an A for effort?

Happy Birthday, America.

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