Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Bet I Have More _______ Than You

List No. 42 or Some Large Number Like That, I'm Sure:

Things I Have a Lot Of

In Other Words:
A Log of My Useful and Not Quite As Useful Collections of Stuff

#1. CD's
In this day and age, it seems like the intentional ownership of CD's is a rare thing. I personally love the permanence and tangibility of whole albums. They especially come in handy when you're in a car that doesn't support your ipod adapter and the only alternative to the radio is the CD player. Just today I found out I filled up my entire CD holder, which has something like 72 sleeves that are in use, plus extras lying in the back that have no home.

#2. Nail Polish
Normally I don't ask to see my friends' nail polish collections, but I feel like mine could hold its own in a competition. If you ever want to borrow any, just ask! I have pretty much every color. 

#3. Windshield Imperfections
And by that I mean chips and cracks. I think I'll start naming them soon, although it might be hard to keep track of who's who. To start off, though, the dynamic 4 incher on the left shall be called Lulu. In total, I counted 2 actual cracks and 6 chips.

#4. Shoes
I'm actually not going to try claiming that I have the most shoes out of anybody I know, because I've heard worse than my current state, which is something in the mid to late 20's. My favorite apparatus for storing shoes, especially sneakers, is shown here, as well as my trio of boots that I just noticed all have something in common - a buckle on the ankle. Interesting coincidence. Flip flops, tennis shoes, work shoes, etc. are not pictured.

#5. Earrings & Rings
What can I say? I like to accessorize. Going to a school that requires uniforms for your whole life, you learn to express yourself in the small ways, such as always having fun jewelry. The big ring phase started after high school actually, when I suddenly became enamored with the red costume ring I got at the arcade for 50 tickets, and after that it was a love affair. Please note there are more rings in my collection than are in this picture. They are just too unusually constructed to fit into the normal mold. 

#6 - 10 
-  Notes from previous classes (high school and college)
-  Stickers - especially word and thought bubble ones 
-  Old movie and concert ticket stubs
-  Travel-size shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.
and of course,
-  God-given talent, in the form of pure Awesomeness

What do YOU have a lot of?

1 comment:

Malyssa said...

I have over two years' worth of back issues of Cosmo in a box in my closet. Matt used to say it was my porn stash, but that's not true! I just like to keep them around for the good articles and interviews. Plus I've used them for a couple of projects.
I have a ton of earrings because I love them and people have given them to me as gifts my whole life.
Dresses are also something I have a lot of, even though I don't wear them a lot.
Last of all is my books! There are so many. Most are still in multiple shelves at home and I only have around 20 novels in the apartment.