Saturday, March 26, 2011

4th Chance Prom

I almost feel like there's no need to blog about this one, because it seems that most people who even read this anymore were co-experiencing last night with me, and don't need a recap of what they already know. But for the sake of journaling, and for the few that weren't there, I went to a "2nd Chance Prom" last night with all my IV friends that was close to one of the most fun dances I can remember. I'm sure everybody agrees. Reasons why it was AWESOME! -

1. Great Music! I humbly acknowledge that a lot of it came from my iPod, so good thing I have good taste, and good thing our DJ agreed and wanted to play the same songs I love to dance to. I can't explain how happy I am when I'm dancing and totally in the zone. And of course I'm always self conscious just a little bit, but we got to the happy crossover point where the self consciousness went away and I could really just go crazy and act like a fool, not even caring if what I was doing looked right. Which probably was an effect of the next factor ...

2. Great Length! Too many times a dance is slow to warm up and then it's over before you know it, too soon after it really starts to get kicking. This prom was 4 hours long, and I got there half an hour late, so still got in a great 3 and a half hours. And it wasn't all that slow to get started either, so we used up a majority of the time sweating. I probably burned a lot of calories! We pretty much danced all night long.

3. Cute Outfits! Seeing everyone all dressed up puts a smile on my face. Some girls wore full-length prom gowns, some wore shorter homecoming-style dresses, and the guys all looked really dapper in their slacks, button down shirts, and matching ties, and sometimes matching sweater if they were particularly fashionable. I was very pleased with the $9 dress I ended up wearing, because it was cute and there was no chance of wardrobe malfunctions, so I was worry-free for the night. Plus, it was only NINE DOLLARS!

4. Great People! Did I mention the dance was for the IV gang? I just love all their faces off.

5. Photo Booth! This group of people especially likes taking pictures, goofy and serious. Often guys and girls took a break to ham it up in front of the camera. I can't wait to see all of them posted on facebook - my awkward couple picture with Captain Jake, the 4 of us roomies from Chapter Camp, and then the few I had with my girly friends.

As with most proms, the slow dances can be painful if you don't get asked. And actually, some of the girls humorously agreed that it can still be painful when you are asked, because awkwardness abounds no matter who you're with. So the few times we were left staring at our phones at the table, the party points lowered a little bit, but they were mostly made up for elsewhere during the night. I got to have conversations with people I'm getting to know better. I screwed up and kind of missed the mark on conversing with the one person I wanted to get to know better, but I've decided to give up on him anyway.

Oh hey, did I mention we even went to Denny's afterwards? I couldn't believe how long the night was lasting, but a lot of us were starving and wanted to hang out more. I had a delicious strawberry-banana smoothie and the "Super Bird" sandwich, which was like a grilled cheese with turkey, tomatoes, and bacon. At 1:00 in the morning, it really hit the spot. We took more stupid and unflattering pictures, and then bid each other farewell for the night.

My favorite part was when a group of high school kids asked if we just got back from our prom, to which we replied yes, and they asked us which school we went to. With a laugh, I told them the university we attended, and they asked no more.

Song of the night: Whip My Hair
(It is still stuck in my head)

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Captain Jake said...

I enjoyed the slow dances, but I've always been a sucker. haha Hopeless romantic if you will