Sunday, June 20, 2010

Band Names

Ok so I stole this idea from a friend. Random name generators come up with the best band names, I'm sure of it. They sound totally legit! Basically the formula is 

and you just play around with it, picking the ones you like and matching them up. At first I tried using my name, but I don't think "Shannon and the Prehistoric Demons" sounded as cool because Shannon is only two syllables and using my whole name just felt weird. I'll play around with it. 

Psycho Vectum and the Elastic Strange Electrons
Dorn Black and the Hidden Haystack
Angry Torpedo and the Pure Admirals
Flying Puppet and the Sleepy Storm Dancers
Dissapointed Shower and the Flaming Beta
Rough Steel and the Dirty Tombstones
Steady Autumn and the Restless Mustard
Eager Flea and the Remote Cosmic Rockers
Rocky Python and the Second Vegetables
Hammer Freaky and the Ivory Brigadiers
Reborn Compass and the Thirsty Messengers
Shiny Lobster and the Iron

I feel like you don't even need the internet for this, just ask a friend to write down 30 random adjectives and nouns, then put them next to each other and you'll probably get something similar to Vicious Poseidons. Easy enough, and something to do when you're super bored. 

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