Tuesday, May 25, 2010

20 Things to Do Before I Turn 20

Not to say I haven't accomplished any of these in my lifetime before, but I want to do them once, or again, before I turn 20. I've got a little less than a year left! I've been working on this list for a while, and I still might add/delete a few things, but here's my rough draft. (I even had it started before I tried snowboarding, which is why that's on here, but checked off already).

Get motorcycle license
Go on a road trip sans-parents
Eat oysters
Ride the Catapult at Lagoon
Read a piece of educated literature
Attempt to donate plasma
Try snowboarding    X
Ride the bus
Bake a cake from scratch
Ice skate with a boy I like
Attend 8 concerts (2 more to go)
Watch a documentary
Go clubbing
Keep driving record clean
Take a vow of silence for a day
Apply for knighthood, just for fun
Attend adoration
Tie dye something
Go to the lady's gym
Keep up with my blog! (once a week)

Possible replacements if I change my mind about these things (in other words, they're on the back burner but I'm not committing to anything):
Get my splits back
See a comedy show

Find a steady job
Move out!


Danielle said...

I looked up how to apply for knighthood and sadly you have to be 21 but you could still apply to be an esquire.

Shannon said...

Oh, dang. I don't even know what an esquire is.