Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Are the Best

Today my family celebrated Mother's Day by going to the Gateway in Salt Lake to hang out and do fun things. We saw Iron Man 2, walked around and shopped for a little, and ate a plentiful dinner at Thaiphoon.

While Iron Man 2 couldn't quite live up to the it's predecessor, one of my favorite movies of all time, it was still entertaining. Tony Stark is one of my favorite characters from any movie, and even though his buddy Rhodes was replaced by actor Don Cheadle, their friendly banter was one of the best aspects of the movie. I thought it wouldn't be the same as the chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard in the first movie, but they did a pretty good job of pulling it off. I'm glad Stark is still egotistical as ever, and Mickey Rourke made a reeeally good villain as Ivan Vanko. And I just LOVE all the fancy technology Iron Man decks out his home with; if anything improves as the number of sequels increases, that is definitely one of them. I hope some day in the future, we too will be able to play with virtual maps, blueprints, and everything computerized just by swiping our hands this way and that through the air that fills our rooms.

If you haven't ever been to Thaiphoon, I'm telling you now it is a good restaurant. We had tons of food on the table, from pork fried rice to calamari to spring rolls to honey walnut chicken ... Everything was tasty and the portions were huge so we pretty much paid for dinner for the next two nights as well, a la reheating in le microwave. We planned on baking a banana cake as is tradition for the combined Mother's Day & my birthday that is tomorrow (!), but since I haven't smelled anything of the sort wafting from the oven in the last few hours, I'm thinking we're holding off on that for today. But that's ok because I'm still stuffed, and we got a free Mother's Day volcano dessert thingy at Thaiphoon.

To top the day off I got to open my presents (mom got hers in the morning), which included some clothes I knew I was getting, the new John Mayer cd, and some loooovely DKNY perfume among other things. None of which could top the gift of seeing the happines on my mom's face upon receiving the two things I spent some time and effort on this year for her. However, the big winner of the night for me was a new ipod classic, which I'm so thankful for because I had almost run out of room on the nano, and the screen was completely shattered anyway. SO here's to now never running out of storage space for my music, and having one more valuable and fragile item I have to worry about dropping and scratching all the time! I plan on investing in some type of shield to protect it from my inevitable clumsy antics. Speaking of which, I may be undertaking an investigation of the myriad of broken sunglasses I still hoard in hopes of fixing one day. Expect a blog post about it sometime in the future.

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