Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Band Secrets ♫ Paramore in SLC

Mothers Are the Best should be the title for THIS post instead of the last one, because if it weren't for my spontaneous radio-station calling mother, I would have never gotten free tickets to the Paramore concert ON MY BIRTHDAY! How lucky that she randomly called in for a band she didn't even know and it turned out to be a band I quite enjoy? Thanks, mom!

So yeah, that's what I did last night, with my good friend Keels who nobly ditched class to come party with me instead, and on such last minute, too. Concerts are always awesome, and even though I only knew about half of the main band's music and even less of the others', we still had a rockin' time. That lead singer Hayley is one firecracker, that's for sure. I am always amazed at how people these days bounce around stage the whole time, banging their heads and doing the invisible jump rope, and still have the lungs to sing! My theory is that one of the sneak reasons bands like to get the crowd so pumped up and singing the words themselves is so that if the singer has to catch his/her breath, he/she can do so without letting go of the song, because when the audience of thousands of people are singing too, you won't even be able to tell when it happens.

Another thing I've caught onto is how bands always say they love the city they're touring in even if they really don't, just because it makes you feel special and happy. I want to say really? You love Salt Lake City? What is there to love about Utah when you've been touring in so many other big, REAL cities? When Boys Like Girls came in the fall/winter of whatever it year it was ('07?), they said we were their greatest crowd yet and they'd definitely be coming back in the spring. I have a feeling they were just telling us what we wanted to hear because a) they didn't come back in the spring, and b) how easy is it to say those words to all small-ish towns that want to feel like they have significance in the music industry? Again, this is just a theory, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were just one of those things that all bands catch onto in order to generate more hype in the fans.

And now for a sampling of the pictures taken with my awesome camera! from the concert last night. Seriously, that thing can zoom like no other.

In Chronological Order: Fun, Relient K, Paramore


Danielle said...

Those are really good pictures. I'm impressed.

Shannon said...

Why, thank you.