Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stupid Men & Miche Bags

First of all, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve updated my blog and added a page called List of Lists, accessible by a link at the tippy top of this page by the word Home. I’ll add more to it as time goes on, but that’s just a start for now. I’m also thinking of doing away with the music player on the bottom because it’s starting to annoy me. It’s distracting and starts over a new song every time you click on something else. Is this opinion shared by others or does it even matter?

Now I would like to express my frustration at the male subcategory of the homosapien species. I know it’s not a guy’s fault if you like him and he doesn’t like you back, but it causes so much frustration! Guys suck! It IS rather dumb on their part, though, if they flirt with you and smile at you with those EYES that say "you’re special and I only share this smile with you,” but then they don’t do anything about it, and go off flirting and taking their breaks with other chicks and probably giving them the same smile too! Don’t do that if you want to craze a young woman into lesbianism. Just kidding, that’s really extreme. Of course women are also capable of causing men the same torture, so let’s just all be mindful of whose hearts we’re playing with, shall we?

Thursday night I attended a cooking show with my good friend JO! We’re going to try getting together once a week or so to cook a meal together at her new house that is so cute. Anyway, one of the vendor booths at the show was this awesome company called Miche Bags that has come up with the best invention since the electric blanket (which I cherish, btw).

Their product is a purse/bag that has interchangeable outer shells that snap onto the base, structured insert so you can have many different purses that are all actually the same thing! They are designer quality with lots of cute styles and even a create-your-own option. Looking at them on display, you wouldn’t even be able to tell they’re all the same purse on the inside because the shells are so different! I definitely am considering this as a birthday investment. Click on this LINK to be taken to their website, so you can check out this nifty item.

I could talk about more stuff but since I don’t want my posts to be too long, I’ll stop here. Have a good day!


KC said...

By the way Shannon, I READ YOUR BLOG!
Told you ;)
And why didn't you sit with Jake, Jenny, and I on your break???
I noticed you were sitting by yourself on my way out and was just wondering... :(
Jeeezzz ya loner lol
But ANYWAYS, I can help you and your friend with the cooking once a week if you want me too. I love to cook no matter what or where it's at so get my number from somewhere :)

Sir Travis said...

I've actually seen something similar to that purse, don't remember the name.. but ya saves money and changing purse ya? Like omg!?

Anyway about the "guy thing" Idk what to tell you, some are just born asshole's I guess? Idk makes no sense to me. I pick battles not wars, and that's a war I don't really wanna get into.

Jo said...

Great blog, Shannon! Lots of fun posts. I'm impressed.

Shannon said...

Thank you, Jo!

Sir Travis: He's not an asshole, he just ... isn't doing what I want him to. Lol.