Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rated R for Random

I'm running out of ways to title a blog post that contains mostly a jumble of nonconnected things.

Recently I tried putting together a list of the sounds I love and hate. I didn't get very far, but here's a good start. I feel very passionately about each of these, or else I would've come up with a longer list of those that I just feel moderately about.

Sounds I Hate: #1. Skis scraping on hard snow. Especially at high speeds. This hasn't happened recently, but I've wiped out too many times in my life right after hearing this sound that I've been conditioned to be afraid of it. Plus it just sounds very unpleasant, like my version of nails on a chalkboard. #2. My dog Rusty licking himself. And not even in a disgusting place, just natural grooming of the paws and what-not. Isn't this something that cats normally do? The continuous, wet lapping of his tongue on his fur disgusts me so much I actually feel a tad nauseous when it happens. I have to leave the room or plug my ears to keep from going insane.

Sound I Love: Babies laughing. It's like the most evident proof that babies have pieces of Heaven literally infused in them. Too bad the world has to corrupt them while they grow up, and the purity disappears somewhere. But anyway, my soul delights in ticklish toddlers giggling with glee.

Updated 1/19/11: Sound I love #2 is F-16's jetting through the air. They are so powerful and fast, and I've always thought it sounded like the sky was being ripped apart, like a piece of fabric or something. Cool image, right?

Next item on the agenda: 

Tonight I was hanging out with Jake and I got to visit his 10 year-old pet boa. Her name escapes me at the moment. At first I was freaked out just by being close to it and running my finger along its skin, but I decided I would make myself hold the thing before I left, just to say I did. I think the terror on my face is an adequate description of how I was feeling at the time.


See the resemblance? 

We bonded. No, I'm serious. 
Check out that twirlage going on around my leg. 

I feel it is of importance to note that this snake was very heavy, and I don't think Britney's weighed as much as Jake's. If it did, then she either didn't hold it for very long (I don't know, I never saw her show), or she was about ten times more ripped than I. It definitely looks like that could've been the case. Either way, I feel better seeing the sweat glisten on her body, so I know I'm not the only one who had a hard time.

Other Note to Self:
Or Anybody Reading:

When all else fails during a babysitting sesh, put on The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the two hour version) and fast-forward through the commercials. This works so well at holding kids' attention (there's just something about those jolly old red-nosed Who's!), and it's a step above the TV show Cops. Oh, and did you know the girl who played adorable little Cindy Lou Who is now the freakishly gothic rehab-bound Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl? It saddens me to see so how corrupted THIS baby turned out to be. 

Well, that's all folks. I still want to do a post on my own version of words that should be banned for being used too much/in the wrong context. Perhaps I will when I collect a more sufficient set of terms, that way it'll be legit. Ha. I hope that joke was understood. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. Cheers! 


Furree Katt said...

i applaud you for holding that snake. the twirlage is really scary!
and i got the joke, i think. (was it 'legit'? please say it was.)

Shannon said...

Haha yeah, the joke was using the word "legit" when talking about words used in the wrong context. Good job :)