Monday, October 11, 2010

Really, Truly, a Bunch of Random Stuff

It's hard to schedule inspiration. Everything else I can put on a checklist for the week: call about those discounted tickets, submit online homework, read the Bible, go to the bank ... DONE! Well, not all of that is done. But one thing I can't plan out is blogging, because I gotsta feel like blogging to blog! I'm always keeping my mind open for things to write about, but many times they are too small and insignificant. Or, I do get a good idea, but I still don't feel like writing. What is up with that, eh?

♥ The Social Network was really good. I could've done a well-thought out review on that when I saw it last week but I didn't feel like it. Regardless, go see it! I'm on Eduardo's side all the awy. And that is only partially because I think the actor who played him was the cutest in the whole movie. (Yes, even cuter than Justin Timberlake)

♥ Last Night I played this typing game for 2 + hours. And that's not while talking to friends on facebook and watching TV and eating ice cream. It was just me and the keyboard, locked in a melody of tap-tapping on my way to a higher and higher score. The addiction was unbearable, worse than nicotine. I should've given my hands a break because they've been sore all day today, as well as certain muscles in my arms, even! If every time I hit a key, I fed a starving child in Africa, I would've made Africa the fattest nation on the planet. Just saying. Oh yeah, the game is
Fast Typer 2. Go get addicted!

♥ Remember when I briefly explained my theory of collecting hours of deprived sleep that add up over time, in the Stupid Morning post? Well I just read an article that basically confirmed that theory. In my head I believed it was true while thinking it had to be false, and I even had friends say that's not how it works. But lookey here, guys:

"In fact, if you feel tired during the day, you may be running a significant "sleep debt" - the total hours of sleep you've lost, one sleep-deprived night after another. If you need 8 hours of sleep and only get 8, after a week you've lost the equivalent of almost one night's sleep. That's your sleep debt. After losing only the equivalent of one night's sleep over the course of a week, your body will respond as if you'd pulled an all-nighter..." - Barbara Loecher & Lauren Gelman

Straight from this article on Yahoo! Health. I'm not going to be all picky about the credibility of the source, but it sounded pretty legit to me.

♥ I've been wanting to mention this observation for a while. I've found in the last few weeks of school that it's a lot easier to pay attention to lectures if the professor looks at the audience when he/she is talking. If they walk back and forth across the front of hte room and talk into space, it's a lot more tempting to close my eyes and nod off, or just open up my pocket game of scrabble on the phone. But when the professor makes eye contact with people, even if it's not you, and faces the students while he/she is lecturing, I have greater difficulty NOT paying attention. This works with all publich speaking. I don't know how I'll benefit from stating this, but you will benefit, readers, if you ever need to give a speech or talk to a group of people, and you keep in mind this bit of information.

♥ Maybe sometime in the future I will do an educational post on one of the many Principles of Accounting. I am fascinated by that class. It is possible that I have found a future in my future. I still hold a special place in my heart for English majors, though, despite my testing out the waters and immediately running in the opposite direction.

♥ Is it just Utah or are JC Penny cashiers slow all over the United States? I almost don't want to return for any amazing sales just because the lines are so long and unnecessary. You know when your little brother is getting ready for school in the morning and you say "Hurry up, we're going to be late!" and he says, "I AM hurrying!" but in fact his speed stays the exact same? It's like JC Penny cashiers must be aware of the fact that the lines are backing up and it's a busy time, but for some reason they just don't kick it into gear and MOVE. Get a grip, ladies. Can I have my free discount now, for reviewing your customer service?

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I've read that article! I have to pay back my debt on the weekends.