Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nice Cops Do Exist

Is it sad that the first time I get pulled over by a police officer, one of my reactions when getting home is to blog about it?

My goal for the year (and pretty much life) was to keep my driving record clean (see 20s List), specifically meaning no speeding tickets. I think I'm still in the running, but I can't decide if a warning counts against that goal. Technically I bet it does go on record, and the thing I most was dreading was just getting pulled over at all. BUT no speeding ticket. So ... I'm gonna say I can still keep going with that. It would please me so much if I never got a speeding ticket in my life, like some people I know (at least one who's in her 50s). I must be more careful from now on if I'm going to accomplish that!

The story is that I was driving home from a Halloween party that was relatively close to my house, around midnight. The mountain road speed limit is 40 mph; during the day I go 45-ish, but I was cruising along tonight like nobody's business. I was thinking "No cop is going to be out on the streets in the dead of night in THIS tiny town." Haha. At times I got up to 60, but mainly coasted at 55, and that's the speed I was caught at. Thankfully I didn't freak out when I saw the flashing lights behind me. I always wondered how it would go the first time I got pulled over. Surprising myself, I remained calm throughout the whole thing.

I tried to think of all the things I've read about what to do or not to do when you get pulled over. Don't go rummaging through your things. Keep your hands where the cop can see them. He asked what the speed limit was and I honestly told him 40, in a questioning tone that implied I don't travel the road a lot but I've driven it enough to know I was definitely speeding. He said, "I got you at 55," and I guiltily replied "Yeah ... I just wasn't even paying attention." War paint on my face was explained when I said I was just on my way home from a Halloween party, which I then questioned myself for mentioning, as it might've given the wrong impression. I gave him my license and he came back maybe 7, 8 minutes later. Luckily it was a good sign to him that my driving record is pretty much perfect, so he let me off with a warning and I said I greatly appreciated it. I also think it helped that I was honest and didn't try to make up excuses. He asked if I was in a hurry to get home and I was just like nope, not really.

Just to be careful, since I mentioned the party, he asked if I had been drinking, while he shone his flashlight in my face. I was immediately like, "Oh, not at all," because that's exactly what I was thinking. It would've been the most unlikely thing for there to be any booze at that specific party, given the crowd with outstanding morals. He was obviously convinced and politely told me to be careful and wished me a good night. I followed up by further pointing out that I don't make it a habit of speeding on that road anyway, and I won't be doing it again. And thank you again, sir.

The whole experience was the least thing from traumatic. I find it ironic that I wasn't even in a hurry to get anywhere when I was pulled over, and it was maybe 60 seconds after my thoughts about how there couldn't possibly be any cops out at the time. I wasn't even worried about getting pulled over because it just wasn't in my mind as a possibility. Funny, right? And I'm thankful that nice cops DO exist, and that the Lord has blessed me so far with keeping me from getting caught all the other times I have sped. Normally it's not that much over the limit, but there have been a few times on road trips for sure. So that's it. Now I've documented my first time being pulled over, after 3 + years of license-holding. I will tell my children about this moment, or refer to my published blog/personal-yearbook that will include this post, IF that ever happens and I keep it long enough for them to see. Key future kids: I love you. I don't even know you yet but I love you already. Stay in school, say no to drugs, and don't speed. Love, Your Currently 19 Year Old Mother.


Boquavv said...

Yes to drugs, no to texting while driving.

Shannon said...

NO to drugs!

Anonymous said...

No to both!

Brayden said...

Have fun without Excedrin, Advil, Mucinex and any other pill. Haaaaaaadurrrrrrr