Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holiday Update, Exercise Curse, and Life Ambitions

So maybe I might've been a little too harsh on the Universe in my previous post complaining about Halloween because right now it is snowing like Christmas Eve at my house. The weather has been yucky all weekend, but it was just right for a few days when it actually rained like it should have, and brought out the beautiful colors of fall. However, overcompensation is evident in this current flurry of winter weather that is a month early. The skies are so cluttered with STUFF that I can't even see the mountain behind my house, and the sun hasn't shone normally since last week. Good thing I wasn't on Boo-gram duty tonight. Speaking of which, they did actually end up happening, as did most of the things I was missing out on during that mid-October rant. We immediately purchased candy corn, the weather straightened out (temporarily), and I've been seeing lots of Halloween specials on TV. I'd say there has been a definite improvement.

In other news, I went to the gym today with my mom. This is noteworthy simply because it was one of those things I get to cross off my 20s List. I realize that I went against the grain in making it a goal to only go once, because obviously no real change is going to come from 45 minutes on the exercise bike. Most people set their resolutions to go every day or at least a few times a week, but this was mostly just about me trying it out and seeing how I feel. The family is considering buying new exercise equipment, so we wanted to test out machines to see which one/s we will want to use. I had hope for the elliptical, but I could only stand it for 15 minutes. I did do the exercise bike though, which was a lot more enjoyable, until the rest of my day was plagued by this strange pain at the joint of my pelvis and my leg. I don't know what caused it but it seems like every time I try to start being healthier by exercising, I hurt myself. It's like fate does not want me to BE physically fit. "No Shannon, you're destined to an early death from heart disease brought on by poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle." But I say no! I WILL fix myself and exercise without injury, if only just to spite destiny. Not because I want to be healthy or anything.

Reflecting a bit on goals that I've made in my life, I have kind of an interesting track record. In my junior year I used to joke about my life being complete once I starred in a Hot Pocket commercial. But after eating too many over the years, they didn't taste as good anymore and I lost that ambition. It still would be cool, but there are better on-the-go, processed, addictive foods to be poster child for (pop tarts anyone?!) Also, another life-long goal that I already mentioned is to never get a ticket. And now, after a few conversations I had last night on Omegle, I have become determined to persuade a complete stranger into sending me a cheesecake in the mail. Or at least that's the rough draft of the plan. I think I came really close, but I lost connection before we could exchange information. The only obstacle I'm worried about is giving out my address to someone random over the internet. I really want this to happen though, so I need to figure out how to do this. If anybody has a suggestion of a roundabout way of getting a cheesecake in the mail without actually giving away MY address, please help me. Let's pool our genius minds together, me and all 10 ten of my "followers," and if I'm lucky someone random who happens to read this.

That's all I have to say for now. I feel like this post needs to be a little more lengthy. How about a picture of the bulls' eye I hit at a party this weekend? It was such an accomplishment we had to capture evidence. It might be somewhat hard to see, but it's the one that's slanted down all funny. Don't ask me how that happened.

Wow. Yeah that pretty much doubled the size of this post. 


Anonymous said...

I hate how starting to be healthy affects me. For a period of like 2 months before college started I jogged 3 miles everyday, the beginning was hard but it got easier. Add school into the mix and I got sick. Haven't really done much exercising since. I can't wait for next semester so I can do the PE class I'll sign up for!


Shannon said...

I know, right?? Things just have to be made extra hard for some stupid reason.