Monday, September 13, 2010

A Stupid Morning

If you are not my mother, skip this intro. If you are my mother (Hi mom!), please know that I am not burning the candle at both ends or whatever the phrase is that you use to say I need to stop partying and get more sleep. Not partying partying, but just always staying up late and being busy. I assure you my grades will not suffer from my lack of absence in 50% of my classes today, which you will read about now.

I estimate that I got about 5.5 hours of sleep last night. Not TOO horrible, except lately I've been thinking that every hour I fall short of a good, full night gets deposited into this large bank of hours I need to catch up on. Like they rollover, you know? If I get 4 hours of sleep one night, and 8/9 the next, I am still in debt of 4 hours and it will hit me later on in the week. Or so is the theory that probably has no actual merit in real life. It just feels that way sometimes.

Anyway, you've probably caught on to the fact that I haven't been getting a lot of sleep for the past few nights, so naturally I had a very hard time staying awake in class this morning. Let me tell you all the ways I have FAILED AT LIFE already today (in proper list form) because of this:

  • Failed to wash the dishes last night, meaning I had to take 10 minutes to do them before school, which caused me to arrive when all the parking spots were taken. Result - parked on the street some 15 minutes walking distance away. It. Was. Annoying.
  • Stayed awake in 8:30 AM class fortunately, but unfortunately dozed off about 5 different times for 30 second intervals during 9:30 class. That's what I get for reading ahead and knowing everything the professor is saying, eh? If it was new information my brain would have been working to soak it in, but such was not the case.
  • Decided I was just not going to make it through boring Anthropology next period, and didn't want to disrespectfully and blatantly take a nap on my desk while the professor lectured. My thought process: "[person I know in that class] looks like he takes good notes on his laptop, therefore I can get them from him later and catch up on what I miss. Therefore I am safe to skip in order to use the time instead to somehow rejuvenate myself."
  • Succeeded in leaving wallet in my car before classes, meaning there was no way I could buy a coffee on campus. Could not find a good place to nap. Walked to car while deciding to take a nap there, then hopefully find a closer parking spot to go back to my next class.
  • Once in the car, changed plans to go to Starbucks and get a vanilla-caramel latte to hopefully get some energy in me. Drove back to school and all around campus. Found absolutely no parking spots in any of the legal lots. Decided I wasn't going to park far away again just for one more class, so I then drove home, forfeiting the rest of the academic day. 
  • Another result being that I wasted a bunch of gas in that process. And $4 on a drink that took me one minute to consume because it was so filled with an unnecessary amount of ice. 
  • Also, missed the religious presentation I was asked to attend which would have been after a lunch break. The biggest loss of the day, since I've now let some people down.
  • To top it all off, I got home and crawled back into bed and for a long time could not even FALL ASLEEP, when half an hour before it was all I could do NOT to doze off in a normal sitting position, amidst noise and bright light. And here I was in a quiet, dark room under the covers of my comfy bed, letting stupid things occupy my mind instead of it taking a rest.

Eventually I did fall asleep and get an mediocre nap. I resolved to study extra hard to make up for missing class, but I am all around peeved at what a stupid morning that was. And hello, why is parking all of the sudden so much more impossible to find than it was last year?? It's absolutely ridiculous. All the freshman need to learn how to ride the bus so I can have the luxury of parking where I want without having to arrive at 8:00 every morning, regardless of when my classes actually start. Clearly I am the center of this universe. I just don't think everybody knows it yet. Wake up, World. 

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