Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That Funny Mushroom Nail Polish Color

Due to recent inspiration from other blogs, I've decided to review a beauty product. I've been reading in magazines that the grey/brown colors are in this year, and I was like eh ok, but then something happened in me a few days ago and all of the sudden it changed to, "I need to have some!!" So today I just went to some beauty supply store between errands and got a cool looking color from O.P.I. called You Don't Know Jacques. However, I was stupid and didn't realize the implications of trying a polish from their new MATTE line.

First impression: this nail polish is weird. It looks like I put mud on my nails. I was disappointed, even though I loved the color, because personally I just don't see the appeal in polish with absolutely no gloss. The bottle came with a tag that says because of the formula, you shouldn't use a base or top coat, or even lotion on your hands when you use this polish. But it was so chalky-looking I had to try, & sitting here now after I've put on a coat of some clear stuff from my mom's drawer, I think it definitely helps. O.P.I. has the same shade in regular polish so I might have to exchange it, but until then, this will do.

Since I've only had this color on for about an hour, I can't tell you how it holds up long-term, but I sure do love the ambiguous color. Another plus was that it dries incredibly fast. Like, within a minute you can apply another thin coat. It's awesome. If you try this matte + clear coat technique, I would just advise you to do the clear coat quickly and thin so it doesn't take off the real color. That's all I have to say. Here's a few photos for ya, internet.

In this picture you can kind of see how my middle and pointer
fingers have the gloss on top and the other two do not:

And here's the finished product: 

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Brayden said...

I want it on my toenails.