Friday, July 23, 2010

Stati of the Day

Short post. I'm currently in Virginia with my immediate family spending time with the extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) and just driving around doing stuff. Hanging at the pool, going to the mall, etc. I've wanted to post so many statuses on facebook today, but instead of trying to pick one, I'm putting them all here.

Shannon *Last Name* Candy shop, A-Team, yummy Mexican dinner, beginner's poker with the family, 30 Seconds to Mars on the way home, and a full moon. :)

Shannon *Last Name* I just found out what silly bandz are but already I'm deciding they're pretty awesome.

Shannon *Last Name* This Is War.

Shannon *Last Name* just went a whole day, accidentally, without her cell phone. It was rough.

Shannon *Last Name* Black Ice is actually a pretty potent smell. As in, the little car tree hangy-things. 

Shannon *Last Name* wants to go laser-tagging. 

Shannon *Last Name* is learning how to use "word" in gangsta speak. Thanks, Will. 

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