Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Lovin'

 I would just like to let the world know how much I am enjoying this summer. Things to do and awesome people to do them with are what make me a happy girl, and I hope those two don't go completely away once school starts again.

Fireworks at Weber State last night were awesome, and I'm surprised that I enjoyed them so thoroughly because in the past, I've often been bored with them. Maybe it was our awesome seats on the lawn, or just the fact that they were huge and intricate, producing a better show than your average county fair? I didn't even mind waiting for 2 hours because I was with friends, and the time after that was well spent, too. I cannot even count the number of times I've been to Denny's/Village Inn at midnight by now, but the number is still growing. There really is nowhere else to go, and I know it was Sunday, but more places in Utah need to be open late at night, because where else are we supposed to chill and talk for hours?

Despite my annoyance with breakfast-specializing 24/7 restaurants and their ugly decor and slow service, I still have fun when I'm there because of the company. To all my friends who are making this summer a blast just by being here - I love you, guys! And cheers to WSU or whoever was in charge of the concert and fireworks last night because it was one of the best free things I've done all summer.

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