Monday, July 19, 2010

NP Update & End of Project Tan

First of all, a few more notes on the nail polish, which I technically should be putting in the previous post but I don't feel like it - I took it off after 2 days because it ended up looking like a weird brown poopy color that just wasn't cute at all, not to mention it didn't apply evenly so in some places the color wasn't as thick as others and it just wasn't consistent. I am going to take it back and look for a color that is obviously more lustrous, and in a shade that is more gray than brown.

Also, a while ago I wrote a post that started my Project Tan, in which I was going to document my time in the sun, what sunscreen I used, how it affected my skin, and whatnot. At one point I even started to write a second entry, but I've been in the sun a lot this summer and haven't been able to write everything down, which is actually not even necessary because to sum it all up, I just have to say that in order for me to become tan in a healthy way, I would have to resort to false methods like lotions, sprays, etc. I can't get color without burning, and I can't burn without increasing my risk for skin cancer, and with the severity that I keep doing it, my friends and family are worried about my health. I am too. However, don't mistake this as a statement of my future reform. I have very horrible self discipline, not to mention I really just like the way I look better with a tan, therefore I cannot guarantee that I won't keep burning myself, at least for a while. Maybe you should all pray for me that my attitude changes and I can accept the pasty whiteness that is my skin. Or else you, my loved ones that I hope sometimes read this thing, will be sitting with me in the hospital 15 years from now while I slowly make my way to Heaven.

I really don't have anything else to say other than I may not post anything for a while because I'll be visiting family for the next week-ish. Unless something inspiring happens tomorrow before I leave. Peace Out.


Brayden said...

If you end up in Heaven (and providing that Willie Nelson is dead) say hi to Willie for me.

Shannon said...

IF I end up in Heaven?? More like WHEN.

Brayden said...

You're sure, that you will?

Shannon said...