Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Stuff

I've decided that nobody reads my blog. Therefore, for this post, I'm not gonna try to provide anything useful to readers like a movie review or a cookie recipe or even the list of my favorite online games to play in case you get bored. If you want that info, you must leave a comment on one of my posts.

Today I cooked banana bread with my little brother and we messed up TWICE in a major way both times. Note to self: read instructions thoroughly and be specific when telling little bro to put sugar "in there." But it's all good because it turned out delicious as ever.

I recently purchased an ear-ring off ebay to replace the baby stud in my newest piercing. I feel so much more badass now. It was hard to put in because it was so tiny (I got the smallest size available, I'm pretty sure), but it's exactly what I wanted so I'm happy.

Other noteworthy news of late: Zac Efron is the newest guest to check into the 'Hotel de Sousa. He currently resides in our kitchen in 2D form, standing ever so life-like, dressed in his West High basketball garb and the standard cheesy grin. I must say he definitely got better looking as the years went on - this version of Zac appears to be a traveler from the past (no tricked-out DeLorean parked in our garage, however). Maybe he can observe that nothing has changed in his life, should he decide to go back and undo those last few films of the series and do something wiser with his life (even though I secretly am a fan of the third installment). Anyway, plans to hang out and take pics tomorrow are in the works :)

I don't know what else to write, now. Be back in the near future. Peace!


Sir Travis said...

Stealing my title! =; tisk tisk.

Jen said...

Hey, I'm reading this. I liked the recipe, all though I've had too much homework to try it.

Danielle said...

"I've decided that nobody reads my blog."

How hurtful. You should know for a fact that a read your blog because we talk about it. I even get emails about it.