Monday, April 12, 2010

Intro to ...

Dear Internet and Anyone Whose Eyes Fall Upon My Blog,

I've always wanted to start a blog. A best friend and I kept one together for a year or two and it was pretty fun but I'm branching out on my own now, ready to explore in more depth my creativity, or my complaints, or just my neverending obsession with lists. I don't think anybody will read this but for safety's sake I'll keep it modest. It'll probably just be more like a journal, an extension of facebook statuses for those who care to read (and for me, just because I feel like putting it out there instead of in a notebook).

I'm calling myself the List Girl because I know I'm bound to publish many from my work-in-progress collection. I've had a Bucket List since I saw the movie and had to create one for a school project, so since that one has probably the most seniority (and importance?), and I need something interesting on my first post, Here it is, so far:

Things to do Before I Die
Go to a Corn Maze (accomplished Oct. 2009)
Ride a Hot Air Balloon
Learn to Drive Stick
Visit New York (Dec. 2009)
Visit Italy
Attend 15 concerts I enjoy (1/3 of the way there!)
Fly a Plane Solo
Pick up a Hitchiker
Obtain Motorcycle License and become a Badass who rides motorcycles
Fall in Love/Marry my Prince Charming
Raise a Family
Make a Difference in a Stranger's Life
Learn to Play the Drums
Pet a Tiger
Commit a Reckless act of Vandalism
Learn the entire Thriller Dance
Eat an Oyster
Learn and Memorize How to Tie a Tie
Visit Seattle
Visit all 50 states

Of course, this list is ever-evolving, and if anybody thinks they can help out with any of these ambitions, let me know!


Katie W said...

i would not recommend eating the oyster. been there, done that, and it was NOT a wise decision!

The Travis Herion. said...

Oysters aren't that bad... Just close your eyes and you won't know what you're eating :)

Danielle said...

Yeah I think eating an oyster wouldn't be that bad. I've had clams. Wouldn't they be similar? We should commit a reckless act of vandalism together. I would be down. Pet a tiger is a good one I wouldn't think of.

Jen Schelly said...

Check out for their weekly top 20 for the Italy thing. If you find one to Italy you want to go on, let me know. It's on my list too and it's be fun to do together!

Also, next time your near us, Neil will teach you to drive stick. He generally has people driving stick in under and hour.

Shannon said...

Ok Danielle, let's do it in Oregon. I'll bring the toilet paper. Haha. (JK).

Jen: Thanks for the website link! I'll check it out later, although I'm probably a little young for such high and costly ambitions. But I'll keep the stick thing in mind :)

Uncle Dave said...

I liked the story of the religious zealots. The ones who scream and thump the Bible loudest are usually the biggest hypocrites!
Uncle Dave