Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Photo Diary of My Iphone

Today: I successfully, although not intentionally, melted through ANOTHER plastic tupperware piece while making popcorn in our freaky microwave oven contraption. Fool me once, microwave, shame on you. Fool me twice ... still, shame on you for truly being a horrible piece of technology.

Owning at minesweeper at work. When I'm not busy, of course. Working hard, not hardly working, I swear! But still, 174 seconds is pretty dang good - more proof of my awesomeness (if you couldn't tell by the professional tupperware meltage.) 

This is a Lego version of a yummy Taylor Lautner pic, courtesy of the app called LEGO Photo. It only actually works well on a few certain photos, most of the time the product is an unrecognizable chaotic jumble of colors not resembling their true subject matter. This one came out ok, though. You may think this detracts from my awesomeness, but I only did it because I was bored and had to kill time. 

Here we have Mr. Moose trotting alongside our car on the way to work. He was all like "I'll race ya!" and we were like "Or we could just keep driving slowly and wait for you to get out of the road so we can be on our way!" Eventually we won when he exited the track and forfeited the competition.

Funny story! Mom and I are driving around town one day and she reads this sign on the back of a car, the one that says "Lamiglas: Fish With Confidence," and she says, "How do they know the fish have confidence?" Then she realizes the word "fish" was used in the verb form, not as a noun. Haha! What an awesome person I am for having an awesome mom! 

This picture marks the first truly Indian meal I had as an intentional cultural experience. If there's any way I prefer to experience new cultures, it is through the taste buds! I quite enjoyed this meal, and the representation of the plate is so aesthetically pleasing. I mean just the geometry of it all ... and the balanced color palatte ... a work of art. 

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mmmmm= Indian food and Taylor Lautner