Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Parties, Church Hopping, and Stupid Accidents in the Canyon

Good morning, world! I am coming to you live from Accounting 2020 for the first time I've ever blogged during class. With 18 minutes left, I'm bound to save this as a draft and finish later.

In the newsletter for Shannon's life as of Monday, April 11th, here's what's been happening the past week:

* Mini parties at my house and Jake's on Friday and Saturday, respectively. We played many fun games, such as Guess Who (lol), Battle of the Sexes, Just Dance, Guitar Hero, ping pong, What's Yours Like, and that one that I don't know the name of where everyone just argues and calls each other out on stupid things to please the "king." What's Yours Like was totally a hit with so many college kids with dirty minds, but one of my favorite moments of the weekend was during Battle of the Sexes when the girls were asked what are the names of the 3 prongs on an electric plug, in more complicated and ambiguous wording. We threw around silly guesses, YB said, "Positive, negative, and netural?" in a half-serious tone, and I happened to look at the face of one of the guys right as his eyes widened, and instantly I knew that was the answer. I shouted, "Oh my God, that's it, look at Scott's face!!" And to confirm it even further, he began shaking his head back and forth frantically and hid under a blanket in efforts to hide his dead giveaway expression. We officially submitted our answer, got the question right, and learned quickly that for clues in that game, it's a good idea to look at the faces of the other team when they hear your discussion of what to guess.

* Church-hopping - This month and maybe the next, a couple of us are "church hopping," i.e. visiting the home churches of the people we love and commune with on a weekly basis at IV, to get a feel of their background and ... stuff. Personally, I've been getting work off as much as I can because I am currently without a home church, and testing out many different ones with probably help me find one to go to on a regular basis. We're mostly going to modern evangelical Christian type places, which is very new and different to me, since all I've known and been used to is the Catholic church. I haven't decided if I want to stick with those roots or branch out to something new, because there are aspects of each that I really like. This summer will be an exploration for me, as I want to try out more than what the church-hopping group has planned. I'm excited. And these past two services we've gone to were really awesome. I love it!!

* Craziness in the canyon: It probably snowed for 2 days straight last week without sticking, until one of the party nights I drove home around 1:30 and the roads were completely covered, with no sign of any plows. In the middle of the canyon, we suddenly came to a standstill in a long line of semis, and proceeded to stay there for almost an hour and a half without moving. My close friends have already heard how peeved I was about it - partly because I had been running low on sleep already and needed to get some before waking up early again, largely because I had to waste a bunch of gas to keep my car running when it got cold, and also because it became increasingly hard for me to stay awake. I spent a lot of time doing miscellaneous things on my phone and listening to hard rock, but that can only keep you awake for so long (also, I have been known to ironically fall asleep on car rides to such aggressive music when most people wouldn't be able to). I kept a pattern of dozing off for 10 seconds and waking myself up again over and over so I wouldn't miss it if the line started to move. It would be pretty stupid if all the cars behind me got pissed that I was still sitting there in park because I had fallen asleep. I think that actually happened to somebody else. We drove around him.

Another mentionable event was the school's symphony orchestra last night, where our home girl Z played a kickass piano concerto that blew everyone's mind. I loved that so many of us decided to come and support her as her family, because it just shows the love we got going on in our community. And seriously, I am amazed by her skills. This girl should win every prestigious award there is for piano playing.

See, I was right, I couldn't finish this in class. It's no longer the morning, so my previous salutation is now inappropriate. But my newsletter is pretty much done with now. Here's a pic of this stupid badger that showed up at my house with some of my kooky friends on Friday. It used to be real, and alive, but now it's dead and stuffed and very creepy. (Dog shown here is still real and alive, but not mine.)

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