Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer is ... Here Again!

Summer is ... Sleeping in everyday, waking to the sounds of chirping birds outside your window at 7 and rolling over to catch more z's.

Summer is ... Cruising along in your car and listening to happy pop country music, like Lady Antebellum's "Perfect Day."

Summer is ... Eating dinner at the normal time, with the sun still up and shining for a few more hours.

Summer is ... Going on adventures, like renting kayaks, exploring a beautiful and quiet lake, and then trying to pile them back on top of your car the same way the rec center people did.

Summer is ... Making fresh strawberries disappear by eating them all in one sitting, straight out of the carton.

Summer is ... NOT spending hours hanging out in a mall because why would you stay inside for that long when the weather is so nice?

Summer is ... Snowcones. :)

Summer is ... hiking along the Wasatch Front, stopping to eat fresh plums and make sandwiches on your favorite rock while looking at your entire hometown.

Summer is ... Getting into your car and feeling like you entered an oven by mistake, then blasting the AC to cool down while you get where you're going.

Summer is ... Making plans with friends completely last minute because you're all bored with nothing to do, but suddenly have an awesome idea, and nothing can get in the way.

Summer is ... Going to see the next Harry Potter movie at the midnight premiere.

Summer is ... Absorbing the sun's rays into your make-up free skin, and still feeling beautiful without mascara on.

Summer is ... Reading for hours outside on the deck, because you have time, and because - again - why would you want to be inside all day??

And finally, Summer is all of these things that appeared in picture form on my blog last year, around the same time, when I was in the similar transition phase of seeing the first signs of summer during spring and instantly being reminded of everything I love about my favorite season and look forward to in the months ahead:


Mashell said...

It makes me happy that you have a favorite rock.

Danielle said...

You make summer sound so good.

Shannon said...

Thanks, Danielle!

And the rock is more of a boulder than a rock, because it's huge and it's the perfect sitting/picnic spot. Otherwise I wouldn't just cherish any old regular-sized stone.

Sarah said...

I have a feeling we have the same favorite rock...what a coincidence that would be! :)

Mashell said...

your love for boulders is just one more reason why you need to visit prescott, because we have some crazy boulders here. check out pictures of granite dells.

Shannon said...

Re: Prescott

I might have to! I don't know when I'll get a job this summer so I might have a lot of time to go on small trips and stuff.