Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lacking Excitement: A New List

Dear Shannon:

You must find more inspiration to write in your blog. You've made this thing a commitment! It would seem as if you've fallen into a routine of life where everything is the same every week and those things are fun but just aren't compelling enough to blog about. Since you've slowed down on the 20s List, here are some more activities I (your other half) have thought about doing to spice up your (our) life in order to have more things to write about - or just to keep things interesting.

  • take a cold shower
  • send flowers to somebody
  • drive somewhere new and explore
  • memorize all the tic tac toe strategies
  • carve something in a tree
  • write my last will and testament
  • eat authentic indian food
  • do everything with my left hand for a day
  • compose a poem and leave it in a public place
  • write a letter to the future
  • duct tape someone to the wall
  • turn a sidewalk into a gameboard
  • decorate someone's car
  • send a postcard

If you don't heed my advice, you'll just have to start forcing posts about school subjects or something boring like that. So hop to it.

Dear Readers: If you can think of other random fun things to do like these written here, your suggestions would be much appreciated!


The Asian said...

Barbeque a steak using a propane torch :) (If you want it done more than medium rare with this method, however, you'll have to bake it some... or however you people do it :D)

Lyssa Rose said...

Indian food is amazing!!!! Please try it asap. It looks weird and not everyone likes the smell, but once you start eating it you will have an orgasm. I guarantee it.