Sunday, August 8, 2010

In Review: Modern Rock Singles

Within the last few weeks, 3 new singles have been released by generally well known bands in the modern rock music genre: Linkin Park, Trapt, and Daughtry. I've recently downloaded and listened to each at least three times, and here's what I have to say about them.

"Catalyst" by Linkin Park was released to radio on August 2nd, just six days ago. I generally call myself a fan of old school Linkin Park because I own and have memorized their first album Hybrid Theory and a few singles since then, but none of their other whole albums, because I've heard how much they suck in comparison if you prefer their original style. I knew I wouldn't like them. My evidence is in the fact that their last two hits for the Transformers movies pretty much are the same song with different words. "New Divide" would have been good if it didn't sound exactly like the one we already fell in love with.

Thus, upon first listen of their new single, I was automatically looking for reasons to criticize and break it down. I first thought it was synthesizey and too lengthy, with not much actual "rock" sound to it at all. Then it became evident that there was no set chorus, no memorable melody that stood out - it all just seemed like a bunch of techno beats mixed with that strange whisper-screaming that typically defines LP's infamous vocal style. Since recently becoming enamored with 30 Seconds to Mars' newest album This Is War, I was left with the impression that Linkin Park's "Catalyst" was a failed attempt at mimicking their epicness. I will admit that I was a little harsh at first, and if you listen to the song enough times you'll be able to remember the general tune, however I don't think it's radio material. People like what they can sing along to, me especially (drive by me on the road and my lips will almost always be moving), so in that area it's not for everyone. Though, if you do like that epic quality found on This is War, you might enjoy this song more than most.

"September," by Daughtry just out of the blue hopped up onto itunes' top 10 singles chart, so I had to check it out, even though technically it was released on his 2009 album Leave This Town. I used to be one of those people that thought Chris's songs all sounded the same, but in truth, they really are different after you've heard them more than once. This one has more of a serious tone than others he and his band have created, with obvious meaning behind the lyrics. Already I can recall most of the chorus, which means ... yes! I approve! Sing-along worthy, for sure. What I like about this band is that their songs often start out slow and you think they'll be crooney ballads, but they build in intensity and no longer feel like slow dancing numbers by the end.

Trapt is a band that most people probably don't know unless you're more into this type of music than the average nancy. I feel like with most of my friends it's probably a 30/80 chance of you recognizing their most well known song if I played it. Haha actually I could only count the songs I know on one hand, so I'm definitely not saying I'm an expert. Just grading their music. And my opinion of their new single (released late July) "Sound Off," is that it's typical of its genre, so it lived up to expectations, which were admittedly not too high. As with "September," this one has a memorable chorus, although the words don't stick as easily in the brain. One thing's certain, though, and that is that it will definitely induce some foot-tapping, if not possible head banging, depending on your mood. All in all it did what it was supposed to do, which was combine the correct sounds with a catchy melody that makes you move, and a hint of pent-up angry feelings, and you've got yourself a solid modern rock song.

These next two aren't as fresh on the scene as the songs I've just described, but I must give mad props to Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine for THEIR newest singles, "Nightmare," and "Your Betrayal," respectively. They are just perfection. Quality-wise, they kinda blow those other bands out of the water. There is so much more depth to the actual music, AND they are sing-along-worthy. All while being totally hardcore and badass. I praaaay that they don't get overplayed on the radio, or else my love for them will feign.

And just so I can put in another plug for my new favorite band and say epic one more time in this post, "Vox Populi," off of This is War (30 Seconds) really epic-ly hits the spot. It just makes me wanna fight!! Somebody besides the producers for that silly owl movie should be stealing parts of this album to make a really awesome soundtrack. Because everytime I see the trailer for whatever it's called, I actually almost want to see it because they used the song "Kings and Queens," and it just gets me so pumped. Put it in the context of a plot like the one they're selling, and it works magic. Although I'm still not seeing it because it looks gay. I won't let the song fool me.


Danielle said...

I didn't enjoy the new Linkin Park single. And also I think Meteora is better than Hybrid Theory. That's just me though. They have gotten soft in these later days. It's a little disappointing. They have this cool song they've only done live called qwerty. It's new but it hasn't made the albums because they've gotten so poppy.

Brayden said...

I prefer Avenged Sevenfold's Waking The Fallen album. They were prime then.
Now, it's turned into a jaunt down My Chemical Romance/the Used career path: "Look at me, I'm going to write songs with horn sections and get 'dark and twisted' with doses of melancholy."

Shannon said...

I'm glad you both commented!

Brayden - Thanks for reminding me of two bands I need more of. Haha. Pick one or two singles from that album you liked and I will download them and see what I think.

Danielle - Do you have that album? I am interested to see if I'll like it. And I'm definitely going to youtube that qwerty song.

Danielle said...

I have all of their studio albums so far. They're coming out with another one next month I think, hence the new single.

Brayden said...

Well, that was back before they got big so they didn't have a single so to speak.

Shannon said...

B - ok, pick a few SONGS for me to download.

D - why do you even like Linkin Park? That is so unlike you.

Brayden said...

Just download the album.
I can't pick any of them out.
It's a classic to me.
It's like...telling me to pick out some songs off of the legendary Led Zeppelin IV album (not to imply A7X is anywhere near Led Zeppelin on any level).